And Since…

I’m on a roll. These pictures go with the Surprise party post because they’re “the morning after”. I’m not going to lie, I’m still so exhausted. If any of you think you’re getting a surprise party out of me in the next decade, you’re sadly mistaken. I had so much fun but I’m still just exhaustapated. Don’t you feel so sorry for me? 🙂

We went to lunch with the family from St. Louis on Sunday before they had to take off. Here are the babes, waaaay to cute.

And the boys (check out Oliver’s goose egg, quite impressive).

Always the entertainer.

Family picture outside the restaurant. We are a lot and we have a lot of love!

Just loved this pic because I hear these older cousins used to look up to the Klipsch boys like this. My boys could not get enough of their second cousin, Jack, also known as “the funny guy”. Fun stuff.

After naps we took some horse rides. The kids and their respective safety gear.


Love them.

Something you won’t see very often…hotflawedmama on a horse.

My sister, her boyfriend, Hunter and Zach took a trail ride. Hunter was hesitant at first but became a seasoned pro (chaffing and all) after awhile.

And Dailah’s nightcap.

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