Productive day today.

Had Kindergarten physical for Trysten. Shots for Tariku.

Came home and cleaned for the better part of the afternoon. Wiped walls, cleaned fans, mopped floors. Stuff that’s not part of my weekly routine. I even sprayed some febreeze on the couches (a certain sister’s dog of mine enjoys jumping on the couches and has a small problem controlling drool). So it was kind of a big day.

Tomorrow is my favorite hubby’s birthday. Typically I enjoy going all out but we’re saving the all out-ness for this weekend when we head to Chicago.

My body is so tired my fingernails hurt. I just love cleaning.

And what was I doing? Reading the new People. What can I say?

I’ve always thought Trysten has his daddy’s perfectly bowed, pink lips. This proved true after a little sucker.

Couldn’t resist.

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