Can’t believe it’s Sunday (night). This weekend went so quickly with me not having accomplished much of anything. But I did do something…I took pictures. So lucky you, you get to reap the benefits from that productivity.

I mean, do they get any cuter?

And finally, a decent picture of my eldest. We went to the grocery store today when the little ones were sleeping, love hanging out with this one.

Wordless? Um yeah.

Tonight we did get one thing accomplished, homemade pizza. Can you smell it? Can you taste it? It was so good Zach is asking to make it in our weekly rotation, I would have to concur.

Had a few people ask how Abe is doing. In one word…wonderfully. He’s an awesome puppy and getting bigger by the minute. Big dogs, big bladders, less chance of sprinting off towards the horses. He’s just…awesome. And he loves his big brother.

One thought on “Sunday

  1. Gee, it’s a real shame Doozie hates to have her picture taken – NOT!! The three of them are so adorable, it almost hurts! The pizza looked awesome, by the way, and coming from someone who’s 100% Italian, I think I’m pretty qualified to judge! 😉

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