Parent-teacher conferences is a whole new world and we were officially introduced today.

Kind of cool, a little disappointing that his teacher wasn’t going on and on about how fantastic he is. His teacher did say he was in the top of his class for reading, which was good to hear. Nothing big for him to work on except for tying his shoes. 🙂

Leading up to conferences Trysten kept talking about his gym teacher, how much he loved him and how we just had to go say hi to him.

So we did.

And he raved about Trysten and how good of a kid he is and how advanced his athletic skills are.

Zach walked away and said, “Well at least we got rave reviews where we wanted them.”

That’s right, gym class.

In all seriousness we’re very proud of him and his hard work in Kindergarten. My baby boy all growed up.

One thought on “PTC

  1. You don’t need a teacher to tell you what a wonderful person Trysten is. At least she didn’t give you a list of all the things he needs work on. And of course he exceeds in gym, come on did you expect less?

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