You Guys…

Must know me. It turns out most of you check my blog after 9pm. You must’ve figured out that I blog later at night, after the kids are in bed, when we’re watching TV. But I might surprise you, so just keep checkin’.

So today was Trysten’s last soccer game. Zach had to work, Kara (my sister) had to work. So I coached, by myself, with Dailah in a backpack and Tariku holding my hand. That will never be done again but it did remind me of why moms should probably get the Nobel Peace Prize every single time. Are we seriously not the most amazing species in the world? Cure for cancer? How about coached a soccer game AND mommed the poo out of two other kids.

We received our paperwork to finalize Tariku’s adoption. Surreal. When leaving the restaurant last night, it hit me that it feels like he’s been in our family forever. Hard to believe that I couldn’t just head over to the shelves and, in a moment of pure nostalgia, look at the baby pictures of my Tariku. Fresh from the womb, all icky sticky gross but cute as a button. Incredible.

In other news, tomorrow we are finalizing the details of next month’s project. Are you beyond excited to hear about it? You should be…if I have anything to do with it, there will be dancing involved. And that, my friends, should get you so excited you can’t stand it.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “You Guys…

  1. 🙂 I love it Tessi.My hubby was proctoring PSAT’s and I coached Chandler’s game with Tt on my back in a pack and Jack on the sides with me.I HEAR you!!!I was wondering if I would get home and find a trophy for mom of the year. Nope. I made lunch, cuddled a few into naps, and did some laundry. :)GREAT JOB mommy!

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