This kind of goes off the “tag” that is going around. The 7 things you may not know about me tag.

1) I kind of love cleaning. It’s mindless, it is instant gratification at its best. I pretend like I don’t like it (and I actually would still rather have someone do it for me) but I kinda do.

2) I would start another adoption tomorrow if I could. Zach has this weird thing about something called “waiting”. He forgot who he married. Me and “waiting” do not tango together real well or real often. He’s asking a lot of me to make me wait another year or so. He keeps mentioning something about “not being able to afford it”. I don’t know, I think it’s crazy talk.

3) I kind of have a “dirty” mind. I didn’t used to. My old self would’ve been horrified by some of the things that come out of my husband’s family’s mouths but alas I’ve become one of them. I’m the girl who laughs when people say “balls” or anything like it. Not so much laugh, but certainly giggle. (But hot cheese sandwich always gets a laugh outta me).

4) I LOVE to dance. Every day, the kids and I dance for 5 minutes. They get to pick the song (for the most part) and have to dance the whole time. Dance, structured or not, is the best. I always laugh, never stop smiling. In fact, I’ve figured out that I think that is my best way to worship. In the Bible it says people will sing and dance as acts of worship…and since I’m a truly heinous singer I’m fairly certain I was meant to dance. So I do. In church (it’s dark during worship) I’m constantly moving. I rarely do the raise the hand thing and only once in awhile sing louder than “under my breath” but you’ll find me dancing. I owe the Guy something, it really is the least I could do.

5) I’m kind of an emotive gal. People know how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. I have friends who are better at hiding things but everyone knows what kind of mood I’m in when I answer the phone or in the first few minutes of seeing me. Most of the time I like that about myself but I do wish I could catch a grip once in awhile. Must stop crying every Sunday during Extreme Home Makeover.

6) Contrary to popular images in the media, I believe people are good. Sure, there is darkness in all of us (just ask Dumbledore) but I think we’re good. I’m counting on people, regardless of who wins the election, to change things in America and around the world. Start taking care of each other in a way government never could. The way we were made to do, that’s what I want. I realize it might be naive but I see no harm in believing in this dream. Who would need welfare if we finally stepped up to our full human potential?

7) I use my dogs as footstools. I love them, don’t get me wrong. But they are terrific to rest my feet on at night. Aristotle is the best for it because of the extra weight around the middle. Abe is getting to be a decent foot rest but he’s growing so fast it’s all ribs and skin now and who wants that for their tootsies?

Now don’t you feel better? I don’t want to name 7 others to do this so if you have a blog and need something to talk about, go for it.

I’m hotflawedmama and I approve this message.

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