At the ‘Rents

We arrived at my parent’s house last night. We were greeted by a roast, potatoes, carrots, biscuits and Bailey’s. This feels like a vacation.

And high speed internet so that is fantastic as well.

Tariku has been playing “house” with his siblings and cousins and I’ve overheard some of it. It’s heartbreaking to realize the realities that existed in his “house” in Ethiopia. I guarantee this particular game of “house” does not exist much around America and what is commonplace for little boys and girls around Ethiopia would be a tragedy worth putting over the Nation’s airways here.

Alas I can only listen to my kids playing house with various family members in heaven and a paternal figure who has to choose who can eat this particular day.

Somedays it’s all I can do to combine the worlds and still be happy with my bacon, sausage and toast this morning.

Add to that a blog I ran across of some animal rights activist who went to Ethiopia and saw how they were treating donkeys and proceeded to yell at a man for using the donkey to carry so much grain. I almost junk punched her. The writing went on to say the man she demeaned felt, “ashamed” I am completely ashamed at her mishandling of the situation.

So that’s me…bright and early and ticked off. Perhaps the day will get better with all of this love around me.


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