Let’s See…

Lots of stuff going down in hotflawedmama land these past few days. What do I speak of? Oh, you have your 90 minute massage (thanks honey for the gift certificate!), your various parties and festivities celebrating dead people (seriously, what?). It’s been a good, but busy couple of days.

I’ve been mad at the female species lately. I hear of women who don’t use the voice they’ve been given by women who have broken through glass ceiling after glass ceiling and it makes me mad. I don’t know what it is about women that makes us feel like our voices are somehow second class or not worth as much weight as men’s. But surely we must realize that our silence speaks volumes to the men (mostly) that we answer to in the professional (and sometimes personal) worlds. Silence, to me, is unacceptable. We don’t get the same amount of opportunities as men so we must embrace the ones we do get. Be prepared, be heard, be you and powerful and awesome. We’re women, that’s just who we are.

And vote. But for God’s sake please know for whom you are voting and for which kind of country you are casting a vote. And if you’re one of those people who are always “Republican/Democrat” because you’ve always been that way and because, well you have no idea…then perhaps just leave your thoughts to yourself. Slightly kidding but anyone else annoyed with people who don’t know much about politics going on and on about nonsense? It’s crazy business, all of it. And *hopefully* it will be done within a few short days.

Hmmm what else? Oh there’s the ridiculous consumption of sweets…which could be blamed for the previous tirade. Not enough exercise (due to the sore teeth). And then there’s our new monthly project that we’re launching on Monday that has taken up more of my thoughts than I care to admit. Did I mention you should be excited about that?

Then it’s just mostly motherhood and wifehood and leading people to their fitness goals. If you didn’t like the written walk through of my last couple days, here’s a (mostly) sightseeing tour. Enjoy.

Made it to Trysten’s school parade and party. Hotflawedmama and her Batman.

Batman’s class (he’s the one clear to the right)

Redonkuless cuteness.

Ditto (would you put a period after “Ditto”?)

My babies.

Kinda one of the reasons I love them.

This is the only picture I could get of all 3 of them in their Halloween shirts for my mom. Holding their crab apples, or as we in the “sticks” like to call them “spider traps”.

Kids playing with play doh…if you look closely; I’m such a neat freak I had them play in the entryway because the dogs had just walked in with their dirty feet and I was going to clean it anyway. What a weirdo I am.

Today was our Bodystep launch. It’s kind of a big deal and our theme this time was (obviously) football. Good stuff.

Carving pumpkins (he’s smiling because he’s been begging us for a good 2 weeks).

I think he liked the goo more than he let on.

Dailah 2 seconds after she started and 32 seconds before she finished. (She quit because I took the Sharpie from her and stuck her with a highlighter which apparently gets the same reaction as shutting her fingers in the door or falling off the bed, which is interesting).

The 2 finished pumpkins. Trysten’s jack-o-lantern and Tariku’s 3 out of 5 initials (he doesn’t know about the other 2 yet, some day…some day)

One thought on “Let’s See…

  1. I laughed out loud at Dailah’s quite logical reaction to the old sharpie switch out trick you tried to pullSeriously, you just never know how priorities are lined up in their little heads till you blow it. The other day, I was, ahem, on the potty with Quinn very close by to not miss the flushing. Yeah. I finished up my business and used a bit of tp, which, I thought, was ok. He lost it. Turns out the tp was a ROLLER COASTER and I had just broken it. He sobbed, then walked around for an hour saying how I would NEVER be allowed to use ANY tp again. EVER. And he was going to tell everyone too.

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