Party Time!

I hope you saw on my last blog that we’ve raised over $16,000 during the Water for Christmas “campaign”.

That’s 3 wells.

3 villages.

Hundreds of people.

I love it. But there’s always more work to be done. We know that clean water for everyone is within our generation’s reach. The only way it can be done, however, is to do it together. To walk arm in arm through the negativity, resistance, doubters, naysayers and anyone/thing else that might get in our way.

I know you all are in. I’ve seen your names on our donor list. You are all in and I’m so thankful for that.

For those local folks, be all in more. Let’s literally walk arm in arm and let’s do it at a PARTY!!!

This Sunday (December 14, 2008) from 4-7 PM there will be a party.

Specifically, a silent auction party. You can bid and, with that bid, take a shovel to the Liberian ground and search for water. It’s a pretty cool deal. We’re not done yet, so be there.

4-7 PM at the Geneva Country Club in Muscatine.

It’d be worth the drive, whatever that drive may be for you. Because there will be good people there. Good people who care about clean water.

And really…you know you want to meet them.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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