Honey, I think I just found our new kids

A year ago Zach and I knew we were going to be able to finally progress with our adoption that we’d been hoping for and praying about for more than a year and a half. Zach headed in to take a shower after we talked/dreamed about our future child(ren). Most of our discussions were about a girl. Or a girl and a boy. But certainly, a girl. A sister for Doozie and another daughter for me us.

So Zach was in the shower and I was researching the few agencies I trusted who were working in Ethiopia. Trying to figure out which ones my gut was telling me could make good on my confidence. Then I ventured over to Holt’s website knowing one of my dear friends, Beth, was using them. I just meandered on to their “Waiting Child Program” tab. I looked at some of the write ups of the waiting kids (Ethiopia won’t allow photos on the website, so we were just looking at words). Something describing Tomas caught my eye, I actually don’t remember what it was but it was a phrase that was used throughout Tariku’s Ethiopian updates as well.

For whatever reason (what’s up, God?) my heart was pounding reading about Tomas (cheerful, social, loving) and Binyam (bright smile, club feet). I thought, I’m just going to go run this by Zach, real subtle like.

“Honey, I think I just found our new kids.” Subtlety has never been a speciality of mine.

“Um…are you speaking in plural or is that just my imagination?”

“Two boys. A 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. They are waiting because of oldest’s age and youngest has club feet. They are boys.”

“Boys? Tesi, you wanted a girl, remember? You sure you are ready to give up that dream?”

“Let’s just inquire about them with Holt and we’ll go from there.”

So I ran meandered to the computer again and sent Holt an email that basically said, “I think I just found our new kids, could you send me more info on these boys?”

Holt has a great policy about waiting children where they make sure before they even give a file over that you’d be a good fit for the kids. So after answering a few questions they sent us the picture that fit with the profile on the internet.

I mean was there any doubt after that? Tomas looked(s) eerily like Tariku and Bini was already making our hearts smile.

So we had to wait until after Christmas to get more details on them but it was pretty much done as far as we were concerned.

I had no idea a year ago how happy they would make us all. Had no idea just how perfect they were for us.

And I don’t even think about that girl that wasn’t meant to be (much).

5 thoughts on “Honey, I think I just found our new kids

  1. Well that makes me teary. And strangely like I want to email Holt for another application. We went to get the boys' hair cut today and they completely broke down at the end- nasty business- and our friend who cuts their hair asked, "Do you still think one more?" And in the midst of the screaming, I answered. "Absolutely." Officially nuts I am.Have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas dear friend. Love to all of you.

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