Students at Loyola

As a future nurse and the president of an organization that works with kids in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo I figured that dancing for developing nations who need clean water would be a good idea. I also figured that after two finals and a big breakfast at 10:30 pm some structured procrastination would do my mind, and future finals, some good. Thus began our pursuit of choreography to a song by M.I.A. , which in turn lead to a phenomenal night of no studying with the roommates, a great little music video, as well as water for Christmas for those who really need it. I love the idea of dancing, using ones creativity to benefit others, including those watching this video (you get to see some crazy good moves), those who made the video (we get bundles of fun during finals week) and those who need water….

with that said, enjoy some premium love and donate lots of money and hugs..or we will take yo monay. Cha-ching.


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