An Inconvenient Truth

We just watched that movie. I’m kind of baffled…that it won so many awards. Didn’t get that at all. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it but I think I was more convincing than Al Gore when I told Zach to start turning off the lights or I’ll punch his nose with a rubber hose.

Perhaps also it’s because I’m already on the side of “we gotta do it because it’s the right thing to do.” I didn’t necessarily need to see dudes taking camera phone pictures of the ex-VP or him holding babies. For some reason that stuff made him lose some street cred from me. And the fact that he didn’t mention how to SOLVE the problem until the very end. During the credits, which I couldn’t read anyway.

I don’t know, what’d you think? There’s always at least a small percentage of possibility I’m wrong but it rarely goes over a small percentage.

What else? Life, just life is happening. I still can’t believe it’s 2009.

This is the year we’ll celebrate our 7th anniversary (7!?!?!?!), my baby will turn 6, my other baby will turn 4 and the last baby will turn 3. I’ll gain a niece from Ethiopia perhaps another one from Frank and Emily (what do you say guys?). Who knows what else? Zach? What do you think? Another adoption? Possibilities are endless and I sincerely think that’s what I love about the New Year.

Never been one to make New Year’s resolutions but I might change my mind after seeing this.

1st resolution ever: must get these abs and/or must figure out how to get these abs while still enjoying the Peanut m&ms I just consumed.

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