I promised myself no complaining (on the blog, of course) for Trysten’s birthday. I held up my end of the deal but my other personality, I like to call her “Sassy, Tesi” is baack and she is frustrated!!!

16 weeks since our referral. 16 weeks since we’ve held his picture in our hands and pictured him doing things our kids were doing. 16 weeks since we bought things picturing him using them. When we accepted the referral they told us 12-16 weeks until travel. Well now it’s looking more like 16-20 if we’re lucky. I know what you all are thinking…16 weeks, really? (Especially Jody, who not only heard an Ethiopian say his adoptive mother waited 12 years, but is settling in for a possibly long wait herself) But this is our story and like everything else, when it’s you who’s going through it, it’s infinitely more difficult than the cat next to you. Zach finally admitted that he’s now officialy struggling with the wait. Welcome Aboard the Sassy train, Zach, it’s about flippin time.

I started making lists last night. I think I’m already up to 6 and I thought of one more today. Sassy Tesi likes list making too, bless her heart. I really fear for the good folks at CHS if we don’t get a travel date soon. Sassy Tesi almost called today to tell them I’m heading to Ethiopia this Thursday whether they’re ready for me or not. Sassy Tesi doesn’t seem like the negotiating type.

A lady at the Y today had the audacity to tell Sassy Tesi that every day that passes is one closer to bringing him home. Sassy Tesi (ST) almost said, “You’re one of those glass full kind of people aren’t you? Well try adoption, you will quickly go to a half empty type person during the wait.” But I was able to grab hold of ST in time to not offend someone who takes my classes regularly.

Whew! I feel better! One whole day of not talking about it has really gotten to me! On a lighter note, I tried to make Trysten the ambassador of his birthday yesterday. We went to Subway for lunch then to ice cream. We had pancakes for dinner and I made a deal with myself not to tell him “no” at all. I was proud that I got ever so close to that goal and right before bed he said, “Mommy, let’s pretend it’s my birthday every day!” That is as good as gold, my friends.

2 thoughts on “She’s BAAAAAAACK

  1. Oye – We are in this together lady. The Sassy Tesi in me just about jumped through the phone and ripped of someones head when I found out that the camera broke on Jan’s trip to Ethiopia and there was no new pics….(I have been literally BEGGING for one for months now)I had this exact same day three days ago. The crazy thing is….when the pic finally came through today I got a brief glimpse of what it is going to feel like the day I hold him and the day it really feels as though all of these days were totally worth it. We are one step closer. I sure do hope we travel together!Mrs. B

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