DId you miss me?

I was gone all weekend at a training. A really awesome, really intense training. I went to a Bodyflow training (go to www.lesmills.com and check out Bodypump, Bodystep and Bodyflow to see what I’m talking about).

You all know how much I love watching bodies in motion, bodies full of strength and passion. So my cup runneth over from this weekend, it was just awesome. Plus, I’m a freak who likes to work out for 27 hours in 3 days. That’s just me.

But it was powerful, I seriously missed my family. Zach made it back okay but I was quite preoccupied with the training so tomorrow will lend itself to lots of “getting back to normal stuff.”

How did the kids do without me? Well I came home and it was like a daddy bootcamp.

Dailah was wearing underwear and had no accidents all day.

Her pacifier was allowed only in her bed.

The boys had learned how to brush their teeth (instead of play for 3 minutes with a toothbrush in their mouths).

I think I need to take a few weekends off a month and maybe something will happen around here!

Hope you’re feeling as calm and centered as I am!

I LOVE hearing from you!

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