In this house, in this family, there is no shortage of hilarity on a daily basis. Since I’m the kind of lady who enjoys a good laugh, I appreciate tremendously my family’s ability to make me come thisclose to putting a rush on a potty break. In fact when I first started this blog, I wrote about it here. If you want to see what hotflawedmama pre-seasoned blogger sounded like, check it out.

Anyway, tonight was no exception. My favorite hubby has been “requesting” our famous made-from-scratch pizza for awhile now so I thought pleasing him was in order today. I’m sure all you parents can relate to the many times a day your kids ask, “What are we eating?” Or some variation. I typically vacillate between finding it cute to ridiculously irritating. Most of the time I say something sarcastic (didn’t you know sarcasm is the BEST way to parent?). Zach falls into the let’s-drip-all-comments-with-sarcasm column as well, so he took over tonight.

Trysten: Mommy, what are we having for dinner?

Zach: crazy sauce

Trysten: Dad, what are we having?

Zach: Silly sauce

Trysten: Daaaaaaddddd, what are we really having?

Zach: Nuts sauce

My husband told my son that we were having nutsauce (granted, he tried to make it two words but failed miserably). I looked at him, he made the most hilarious face, and I immediately fell into my side-splitting laughter.

Nutsauce. I think any joke that has that as a punch line will forever be funny to me.

Nutsauce aside, the pizza tasted extra special tonight. Perhaps because it wasn’t nutsauce?

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