Just a (Thurs)day in the Life…

A few months ago Julie showed a day in her life on her blog. Loved the idea, but that’s mostly because I love all of her ideas. So I had been wanting to do it since but kept forgetting to document the day. I finally remembered to do so on Thursday and I’m just getting around to posting it now. But it’s worth it, I’m sure. Without further ado…

6:30 am I arise before the kids to get in some “light” reading.

7:00 am kids get up and it’s a race to feed, clothe, prepare backpacks and lunchboxes; thus no time for pictures.

8:00 am I get home from dropping Trysten off at school and it’s time for this. Lately I’ve been trying to substitute at least one of my coffees with this.

But all I really wanted was this.

9:00 am the kids get their first shot of sugar in gum leftover from their Easter candy. Fittingly, pink for her and blue for him.

In between 7 am and 9:30 am about 3 loads of this is done.

10:00 am the kids are in the car to go look at a charter school we might be transferring Trysten to in the fall (more to come on that).

10:30 am we arrive at said school.

11:00 am. After a quick tour and a chat with the Principal, we rush to the North Family YMCA where I teach my class of Bodyflow.

12:30 pm we arrive back at home in time to rush order the kids food and tuck them into bed for naps.

1:00 pm I get around to eating. On the menu today is 3 pieces of Tombstone pizza and multiple glasses of water.

2:00 pm fill out some paperwork here and there, plot gardens, doze on and off and enjoy the scenery.

2:30 pm pick Trysten up from school.

3:00 pm attempt to teach eldest to ride the bike without training wheels. Notice how much he is like his mother in that he gets frustrated when he notices it will take more than 2 minutes to get hang of this. Promptly asks if he can be done yet. 3:10 pm mother makes mental note to teach child more patience.

3:30 pm the social worker comes for Tariku’s 1 year post placement for his readoption.

4:00 pm the kids are awake, the boys go outside and Dailah decides she needs extra loving from mother.

4:30 pm arrive at the Downtown YMCA where I teach Bodystep and then Bodypump.

7:00 pm we come home and it’s another rush to eat dinner, brush teeth and put littlest members of the family to bed.

7:45 pm start watching TV and don’t finish until…

10:00 pm when I go to bed.

My life is awesome. I realized after the fact that Thursdays are our busy days which ended up working out nicely because otherwise there would be a lot of pictures of us just hanging out and clearly you get to see those every other day.

That’s it in a nutshell.

3 thoughts on “Just a (Thurs)day in the Life…

  1. Have Trysten ride down a not too steep grassy hill, I know camp has lots of those. The hill will do all of the work (build his confidence and help him to know what it feels like to stay upright) and he’ll be riding a bike with no training wheels in under 10 minutes.

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