going on in this head of mine…

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about anything else than what’s on my mind. And those thoughts are not ready to be told, or processed or both.

I’ve never been good at the in between. You know, at having all of the proverbial balls hanging in the air. For those that were with me through Tariku’s adoption you will remember this about me, vividly.

I wish I would get better at this; and truth be told I have gotten ever so slightly so.

Alas, I’m not good at hovering. At the space between settled and unsettled. Between knowing and not knowing.

But it’ll get better, it always does. And my life right now is pretty darn great. So I’m in a pretty fantastic spot. Even if it’s in between.

That’s it. That’s all I can say without telling all my secrets.

But when it’s time you’ll be (one of) the first to know.

4 thoughts on “Lots

  1. hmmm…..this sounds like you are hinting at something big. I am kind of in that place right now too. Life is fabulous, in fact, I just posted about it on my blog. It’s like waiting for the “other shoe to drop” wondering how one person could be so blessed! And, I have things rolling around in my head that I really want to share, but it’s just not the right time. Cant wait to read more about your thoughts!

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