This Lady

is my mom, Connie. (Sorry about the picture of Doozie’s food, it was just the most recent picture of my mom). Isn’t she gorgeous?

Today is mother’s day and I can’t help but think of this lady on this day. Sure, this day is loved by Hallmark and such, but I also happen to love this day. It’s a day I can remember to thank the moms and grandmas in my life, but I typically get ridiculously spoiled so I also enjoy that.

Back to my mom. Here are some reasons why I love her and why she is deserving of a whole day just for her:

–She is uber supportive of her kids. Even if she completely, whole heartedly disagrees, she supports us. Which is tough to do, I’m sure. She’s been known to travel great distances just to see us for a few minutes. She’ll make across the state treks (with my dad in tow) to watch soccer games and various other activities throughout her 29 years of motherhood.

–She is a HARD worker. Say what you want about this woman but she knows the value of an hour. She and my dad once went to my sister’s house for a weekend, knowing she had to work the whole time, and painted her whole house. Mom hates painting. But knew Kara wanted it done and wanted to help her.

–Every year on mother’s day she gets me plants. But she doesn’t just get them in their little plastic glory but she plants them in beautiful arrangements too. Yesterday I woke up thinking the dogs were getting into something on the porch at 6:30 am but instead it was just mom and dad, filling my mom’s day planters full of the brightest hues of flowers. They had snuck out of Dailah’s room while she still slept to get it done before they had to leave.

–She has a loud, wonderful laugh. One of those you kind of can’t help but join in on.

–People say I look like her. I truly hope I look as good as she does when I grow up.

–We share a birthday (June 5). Story has it that she tried to hold me in, not wanting me to have share my birthday with her. I value that day so much more because I share it with her. In fact, I often would hope I, too would become a mother on that day so it would be 3 generations.

–Mom believes in family. She will do ANYTHING to keep her family, extended and all, together. She tries to the point of exhaustion, even when it might not be reciprocated. This confused Zach when we first got together but it’s certainly something I’ve learned from her. See this post as a reminder.

There are 400 other things I could write about her that explain why she’s tops but it turns out I need to go mother my 3 right now. Suffice it to say, she is a great mom. You should all meet her and find out for yourselves.

Happy mother’s day also to my mom-in-law who is by far the best mom a woman could marry into and to my grandma (the one who was getting her nails done while drinking a mimosa). Grandma is my mom’s mom so we could probably ascertain from the above details that she is tops as well.

I love you ladies. Thank you for loving me, guiding me, being an example for me and for setting a pretty high standard for mother’s all around!

And thank you, of course, to the woman who gave my Tariku life. His other mommy. The one who I think about more than I care to admit. The one I imagine in his eyes and his laugh. The reason for his super sweet personality and love for all things big and small. This woman, I owe so much. I cannot wait to meet her on those streets lined with gold. To her I also owe much strength and gratitude.

To all you moms both in the literal sense and to those women who bleed and cry and blog for the children you will one day hold. You have given me more strength than you can possibly imagine by being the epitome of strength; showing how amazing you’ll be as mothers because of the way you fight for your children. Happy mothers day to you too!

Much love today,

2 thoughts on “This Lady

  1. I love you Tesi. You are a mighty remarkable mommy too! May we ALL enjoy God’s blessings no matter where we are in our journey of mothering. love you!MommyT

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