I’m Almost Back

Today is the last day of camp. It’s so hard to believe that these many weeks are gone already. This might have been the fastest summer in recorded history. Zach had a great summer with phenomenal counselors and very few issues, which is a huge blessing. We’ve missed our daddy/husband and will be very happy to have him all to ourselves. (Trysten said yesterday, “Mom, 2 more days and we get daddy all to ourselves again!”) I am constantly reminded how fantastic it is to live at a camp. The kids have about a dozen aunts and uncles (counselors) that come every year who they love and who love them. Every year there are close to 10 counselors from various countries that teach our family a bit about their culture and their lives. Not to mention living on 240 acres that I don’t have to do anything with. The blessings truly are plentiful!

School starts next week for Trysten. 1st grade, so surreal. He’ll be going to a different school this year. We decided to switch him for many reasons but one of the biggest was because his last school looked a bit like this…

We wanted a bit more diversity in our school so the kids grow up knowing all the world isn’t the same (thank goodness!) There were a few other more minor issues with his last school that made the switch easy. The only real problem with this knew school is that it is in the actual town of Davenport so that means an almost 45 minute bus ride for Trysten in both morning and afternoon. This was more of a problem for Zach since I too rode the bus for an extended amount of time when I was little. I chose it as a great place for a nap and hope Trysten will too.

Either way we’re very excited at the potential of this new school. And if we needed a “sign” that this was the right school for him, they are having an African drum section in music class. Hello!

My nephews are now here. I get the pleasure of watching them for the next few hours. I seriously love them so much. This summer was not spend in their presence nearly enough. Will undoubtedly have many funny stories and cute pictures to come. Off to find the camera…

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