Can’t Believe

Tomorrow Zach and I are officially celebrating our 7th anniversary. So hard to believe. I still remember when we were kids (literally, we were just 20) making this huge decision. We had decided to get married, had most of the wedding details planned.

We rented a house in Iowa City where we’d start our lives together. Me, sitting on my couch wallowing knee deep in unfamiliar hormones, waiting for Zach to return from baseball. He walks in, just a quick look in my direction before heading to the kitchen. I was a bit “sassy” we’ll say, and he comes in with a rose to say sorry for being a little late. My hormones said something negative. He tells me to smell the flower, my hormones snap, “I know what a rose smells like.” Zach says, “Just please smell the flower.” As I put my nose in, my eyes see a beautiful solitaire engagement ring. My beloved surprised me.

Every day since I met the man has forced me to fall harder for him. When I say that he has made me a better person, I really don’t do what he’s done for me justice. I know the person I was before him and it’s not the person I am now, praise God!

He’s hilarious, he’s so intelligent, he’s the most handsome person and he chose me. Can you believe that? Against all odds, the guy chose me. I’m one lucky lady.

If the last 7 years are any indication, the next 70 will go by in a breeze. I have no doubts that I’ll love him more that day than even today which is incredibly difficult to imagine. Happy anniversary my love!

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