The Lake

We found ourselves at the lakehouse this weekend. I don’t exaggerate at all by saying it was the perfect weekend. Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect food (albeit too much), etc. Words do not do justice, so pictures will have to!

Zachary doing a flip on the wakeboard. Yes, I’m married to that man.

Trysten trying to ski. Would’ve made it but he let go when the boat got loud. Nice.


Tariku getting ready to ski.

Tariku learning how to dive.

Ugh too much.

Our chocolate lab, Aristotle, LOVED the lakehouse but mostly the lake. Seriously loved the lake.

Papa John took Trysten out on the jet ski, which he loved.

That’s my eldest, I loathe the day he doesn’t fit in my arms so nicely.

And the youngest (middle is tough to tackle for a pic these days) who continues to impress with her cuteness.

Went on the tubes, normal speed and everything!

My brother, Marcus, doing a Superman on the wakeboard. Impress stuff that guy puts down on that little board. For frame of reference, when I wakeboard I jump about 2 inches off the water but I scream like I’m doing what he’s doing.

The ladies on the tube.

All of us on a paddle boat. The dogs even followed. Abe got tired and tried to climb into the boat but as you can see, there was little room for a 160lb great dane.

Dailah with Marcus and Lindsey.

She took her driving very seriously.

A chip off the ole’ block.

Again, takes her job as person-who-makes-sure-no one-burns-their-lips very seriously.

The boys on the tube.

And Abe, the great dane. Also a very intimidating presence at any house.

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