I know there are a lot of bloggers doing the one post a day for the month of November deal but I just can’t commit to that. The best I can give is an “I’ll try” seeings Zach sometimes forgets to bring the computer home to me.

So here it is, the first post of November. I’m like Rebekah,thinking the others who have already wasted their trick-or-treating are silly. So I’ll go way back to last Wednesday.

My eldest brother (in-law) had his birthday party. Great food. Great company. Great celebrations, etc. Great pics with a new camera.

The birthday boy, Frank, and his niece. Yup, they’re definitely related.

Frank and his beautiful wife, Emily.

Emily and my beautiful boy, Tariku.

Dailah sharing her doctor kit with Eli, who decided he wanted to be a doctor for Halloween.

I know. Sweeter than all the Halloween candy I consumed today

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