And So It Begins…

Water weekend is upon us. After so many months of planning and preparing it’s incredibly difficult to believe it’s here. I woke up this morning just plain giddy. Let’s do this already.

Last night I took a small hiatus from water to be with the family. It’s been at least a few weeks since I was able to hang with Zach without working on the computer or running around like a mother hen gathering random things for the weekend. But it’s exactly what I needed as a reminder. A reminder as to why I do this.

Because water frees up more time for the families around the world. Because we spend a little time here, they get to spend more time there. Less time getting water means more time with their family. Undoubtedly doing the same things we did last night with our extra time: telling stories, giving hugs and kisses, singing and dancing.

So I’m ready to do this. Ready to find some clean water and free up some time for the moms and dads on the other side of the world. There have been a lot of moms and dads on this side doing everything they possibly can to make that happen.

Just wait, wait for the pictures and the stories. They’re going to be great. Thanksgiving is coming early for us and for them.

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