Amazing People

I was cleaning out our storage room today, not fun stuff. But I got a bit nostalgic as I looked at some of the garbage-er, great keepsakes we had. The final box I put away was the one I titled “Water For Christmas, Wine to Water”. So, of course, I got to thinking about the other, lesser known people who made that specific night happen.

Like these two, my brother and his girlfriend. Marcus and Lindsey helped with set up and babysitting but also the night of. They were the front desk people (it was no coincidence that I picked two of the better looking people I know to greet guests) :), the first impression. I have no doubts we were able to take in as much money as we did because Lindsey was there “encouraging” people to donate. And wouldn’t you if you walked in and saw these smiles?

Then there was this group. Lindsey again, but then my friend Woody (you remember her, in the back) who came all the way from Des Moines and my sister, Kara (in the gray). Those two ran the wine table all night. Poured wine for 3 hours. I had set up enough people to cover every 30 minutes at all tables but lost track of time so there they stayed. Chatting, encouraging people to try the wine then try their hands at donating.

And my dear friend, Beth. She made more desserts then I even want to think about (Beth, was that your fudge? If so I want the recipe!). She is amazing, in every. single. way. She showed up 2 hours ahead of time to set up the dessert table then spent the rest of the night around that spot. Her husband works for the Symphony, who was having a big night themselves, and she sacrificed being by her husband’s side to be by ours and I’m so humbled by that expression of support. Not only that, but she was wearing an Ethiopian scarf, she is the Queen of thoughtful. Beth is pictured with Sherry who Leslie got excited from St. Paul. Sherry was maybe the happiest person I’ve ever seen to be doing something, anything for water. Her passion was contagious!

And then Cathy. Not only does she provide these most beautiful farm-fresh eggs that taste as happy as they look, but she got excited about water and told everyone she knew about it. She’s kind of a big deal in these parts of the woods so it was very exciting when she came on board. Cathy fell in love with Leslie, which is extremely easy to do, and the two of them are just a huge source of happy for me.

Though I didn’t get any pictures of these people, they came all the way from Minnesota. Dave and Tiffany and Tony. Honestly, there was just something about having them there that made the whole thing particularly special for me. I cannot believe I’ve been blessed to know them in this life. Such amazing, generous, loving people.

There were, of course, more and I might be blogging about it for the next year so get excited!

2 thoughts on “Amazing People

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I too saw that sunset. It was spectacular. And yes, that was my fudge. I will get the recipe to you. And please know that I am thankful that our paths crossed (dare I say) because of providence. My life is more full because of you and Leslie's friendship and because of your passion for helping those near and far. Thanks for taking me along for the ride.

  2. Yes, how is it that we didn't get any pictures of us? I was carrying my camera in my purse all night and I know that Tony had his! It was a pleasure to be there. We had a great time and are so proud of all the efforts you and your team put into this. You know how important this issue is to us too. Good job, girl! I feel honored to be a small part of something so big. You rock!

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