The First

of many Christmases we could be found at my parents’ house. The weatherpeople were predicting the Apocalypse but we found only lots of rain on our way back home. While there, however, there was nothing but lots of love, laughter and joy.

The first present of the season was opened on the 23rd. Clearly they had been waiting FOREVER.

Woke up on Christmas Eve with presents galore!

Zach (and I) got new TOMS. Yippee!

Trysten got this precious tee from a great organization, not sure if you heard of it yet “Water For Christmas”. A fantastic group indeed!

With her new towel. Say it with me…aaaahhhh

Also received an Easy Bake oven which she promptly sat on.

The annual cookie decorating extravaganza!

The family photo at my ‘rents.

Together with my sibs. Love those people.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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