It’s Really Happening

I’m not sure if you knew that or not but Zach and I certainly had our doubts. We had our doubts that we would bring home the boys for another few months.

But today we found out otherwise. We will indeed be traveling to pick them up. When?

June 23rd!!!!!!!!! Less than a month!

When I called to tell Zach that we got our travel date we both thought the same thing, “Really?” With Tariku we ran into so many hurdles, everything that could go wrong or slow, did. But this time it’s as if we’re hitting all the green lights, very crazy.

Which is what these boys deserve. They deserve green lights to a family. They deserve no more hurdles to finding love in our arms.

And yet…

Their parents are a bit in shock.

We actually get a whole month (almost) to plan, which is pretty amazing in international adoption. Last time we got just over 2 weeks’ notice.

So it’s happening and we’re beside ourselves. When I got the email I was busy feeding the kids (our CSA delivered fresh strawberries, lettuce and radish last night so we were dining on that, the perfect thing for this excitable belly). Tariku fell to the floor, started kicking the air and yelling, “Mommy and daddy are going to get our brothers! They’ll be home soon!”

And that’s when I cried.

Because I realized bringing them home means so much more than just bringing on babies to love for us. It means Tariku gets siblings who look like him, siblings who have the same terrific and horrifying memories. Brothers who may not be biological but who are certainly similar in histories. I am so excited for him, for us.

I can tell you their names, I was told.

Tomas and Binyam.

Still no pictures until June 22nd. I’m already creating a slideshow for you. 🙂

But we booked our tickets. Flying NW/KLM June 23rd and coming back July 2nd. My nephew is due July 2nd so my sister-in-law has to either deliver early or keep him cozy for awhile.

As for us, we’re pinching ourselves and giving praises to the Author of this story. We are praising God for these blessings, these terrific blessings. We are in awe of His grace and humbled by His mercy.

We hope the boys wake up this morning with a feeling they can’t shake, a feeling that they are loved most intensely by a family half a world away.

This family, my family, who will be complete in less than a month.

3 habeshas and 4 mostly-germans, sounds like the strangest, most amazing pairing I’ve ever heard of!

Thanks for letting me share, thanks for being “my people”. Watch for my next post about “people”.

Tomas and Binyam, we’re coming!!!!!!

28 thoughts on “It’s Really Happening

  1. Can I get a woot-woot!! CONGRATULATIONS! I still remember getting that call and I am SO happy for your whole family. June 23rd will be here before you know it.

  2. Congratulations Tesi and family! Soo happy for you all. What a great birthday present for you! My heart couldn't be filled with more joy for you! Thanks for keeping us all updated! xoxo

  3. So excited to hear your sweet boys are coming home! I'll never forget meeting your two happy little boys on our pick up trip to Ty. Best wishes on a wonderful, memorable, and safe journey to bring them home.Leah Ann

  4. Wowee. I mean, I know I already know this, but I still love reading it again.I think back over a year ago, you and I chatting about what was next – who were our children out there? How would it happen? And we took our own paths and here we are, almost in the same place again. Amazing.

  5. I am crying now. Picturing Tariku's reaction, and yes, how this is so different for him than you…so touching. I am so happy for you Tesi. This is so wonderful. Praise God indeed.

  6. I am so happy for your family! I'm certain your boys a half a world away can feel your love, Tesi. I have been checking your blog on and off to keep up-to-date on your adoption. To be honest, you are the only person I have ever “known” who has adopted. I found myself googling adoption terms just to understand your story.Tonight I had a great feeling, a “winning” feeling. I read the part about Tariku excitedly kicking air and found myself first (as a mother) welling up with tears and then thinking YES! with a full “tight fist-bent arm- elbow thrusting downward” motion as if having just scored a game winning point. Congratulations!!!

  7. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! Beautiful post Tesi!! I'm so excited for you guys 🙂 🙂 I can't wait to see and hear all about life with these 2 precious boys!

  8. Oh of course I love this. Very excited for your entire family and especially for Tariku. Cannot wait to meet your little ones. Who would have imagined that within a year, we both would be bringing home children from Ethiopia and just two weeks from each other. Have I told you how thankful I am that you chose There Is No Me Without You for book club. Thank you. Love to you on this special day.PS How about three Koreans, one habesha (sp?), one Swede, and a Dane?

  9. I am just thrilled for you…I got a little teary as well : )Glad I am not the only one. So glad that your boys will be home very soon!!!Woot Woot!!!

  10. Thrilled those fanstastic little guys are coming home!!! Oh, I can't wait for you to meet your sons and for them to meet their new mommie and daddy! I'm sure anyone in a group that has travelled this year will tell you….you have two teriffic sons!

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