Cindy and Fam

Last Thursday I finally got to meet a good friend. That sounds weird, I know, but I’ve “known” Cindy through the interwebs for over two years. The Burt clan was driving through Iowa on their way to the Minnesota Mehaber (which we were so very sad about missing, next year, we promise!). So we agreed to meet in Des Moines at their hotel. Mihiret and Tariku were buddies (by “buddies” I mean Tariku is biting/pinching poor Mihiret in the videos) in Ethiopia. It is so fun to see these kids growing up to be quite amazing little people.

Pictures were less than great, but worth showing anyway I think.

Mihiret and Tariku. Yes, proof that Ethiopians are too beautiful for words.

A picture from Dailah’s perspective. I put this on only to point out the necklace I’m wearing. I got it at the bead shop I spoke of in Ethiopia. Love it.

This is literally the best picture I had of the kids. There were 8 kids total so you can see our uphill battle in trying to get a good one of all of them.

And Cindy, a photo by Dailah. Notice her shirt. Do you see one of the reasons I might love her?

2 thoughts on “Cindy and Fam

  1. It was so great to meet you all. A complete pleasure. I hope we get to do it again someday : )Love the picture of the two kids. I may need to get that one from you…goodness they are beautiful together : )

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