Family Photo Shoot

I was purusing Target yesterday sans kiddos, and like most days at Target, came away with more than I had on my list. But this time I had a plan. I wanted family pictures. I found some white t-shirts for the boys on sale for $3/each (hello!) and immediately started constructing the photo shoot.

When I told Zach of my devious ploys great idea he actually agreed with me. So after a dinner of made from scratch pizza (it’s beautiful outside which means I get to go back to cooking, no more sweating in the kitchen for me, yippee!) we changed the kids and headed out for the pictures. I want you to remember that this beautiful backdrop is where we live. It really could not get better than this.

First grouping is with all of the kids.

5 thoughts on “Family Photo Shoot

  1. excuse me while I sit here and envy your lil girl's hair! It is so pretty!and you two have some extraordinarily cute kids! Especially love the three bigs and the two littles. Precious!

  2. we just did the same thing! except I paid a photographer an obscene abmount of money so that Jud and I could be in a few of photos too…I hope they turn out half as cute as these!!!!oh sooo cute!gorgeous family. seriously.

  3. OH MY HELL!!!! Every single one of these, from ALL three posts is GORGEOUS!!! I adore the new header photo. I hope that's your Christmas card photo. ;-)Did you guys have someone take these? They are so professional looking. Stunning. Simply stunning. What a completely gorgeous family.

  4. Oh so precious. I especially love the feet and the Eight is Enough pose, though I am thinking you might be too young to remember that show. Lovely family. And please tell me you are coming to book club on Monday.

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