Bini in surgery

He just went back. I was so thankful they gave him a little Versed (sp) so he was loopy/chill when they took him back. It was actually quite hilarious too. It was better on me him to have him not remember what was happening. He only reached for us once with a little wince before he was out of sight. Oh, and I only cried a little bit, no ugly cry yet. Score!

We’ve been thinking about this day for so long but it’s here and now I’m just anxious to see his little face post-surgery. They have a computer that tells us the progress on “the patient”. Right now it says he’s in his room. My momma brain is delusional and thinks this means he’s yelling for me and they haven’t started yet. 🙂 More likely he’s completely passed out and they’ve started on the first foot.

But I’m not the only one who’s been thinking about it. Last week I came downstairs to find Trysten had made this notation to the lunch menu. It reads, “Pray for Bini” with a down face.

That was completely unprompted and made me cry just a little bit to think how much this little boy affects us all.

I will update when he’s in recovery. Until then, here’s a little video of our otherwise sane little boy all looped up on the miracle drug Versed.

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