New Casts

Today Bini was introduced to his new casts. The whole day we kept celebrating, “Yay! Binyam gets his new casts today! He’ll be able to walk in these!” Etc, Etc.

Binyam before (we had to reinforce the knees last week as he had literally worn holes in them), precious.

After the cast. His foot WITH THE PIN in them. We did not know about the pins. We weren’t able to prepare him for these things that had to come out. It was awful, it was painful.

Better shot of the foot. It looks so good! The doc was happy, “Looks great, not perfect, but great.” I’m a bit partial but I’ve always thought his feet looked perfect.

The actual pins. They seemed to go on forever.

Here’s the thing though, when he was getting the pins taken out I was ugly crying. Can’t believe how much I love this boy, how I would do anything to not see him in so much pain like that. But I wasn’t alone. As soon as Bini started crying Dailah was crying, and then Tomas was wailing, and then Tariku was crying. Trysten said the only reason he didn’t cry was because he saw everyone else crying and didn’t want to make other people cry.

But then it was done. Binyam chose blue and black as his new colors. He’ll be able to walk in these. His beautiful little legs are so atrophied I hardly recognized them.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, this kid is hardcore. I could tell he was in so much pain. Some of it was when they were taking the pins out (obviously) but a lot of it was just anytime we moved the knees. He’s so stiff and sore from being in the same position for 3 weeks. We came right home and put a heating pad on his knees (they told us this would loosen the joints). He was pale, so obviously in lots of pain but anytime I would give him a kiss or kind of rub his legs he would just smile.

I’m assuming, knowing him like I do, you will undoubtedly see pictures of him sprinting at breakneck speeds within the next few days.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this boy and this family but I will spend the rest of forever trying to earn it.

13 thoughts on “New Casts

  1. They look great! It is amazing what kids can manage. SOO much more than us winy adults.Great job mama on supporting your littles. I have seen some pins pulled out of my babies arm and it WAS awful!!( love that he chose two different colors for his casts. Pretty cool and in fashion.)

  2. Oh, that little boy stole my heart a few weeks ago… I hate to see that he was in such pain! What a sweetie, and so sweet that all his siblings care so deeply for him. I'm sure he's already running! I don't think anything will ever stop that one. Go Binyam Go!!

  3. Tears here just reading it. I would've been a mess in that room too. Your family is meant to be – exactly what each other needs, exactly what family means. It's there. It's real. Take it in and enjoy.Looking forward to meeting that amazing boy someday!

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