This Thursday

So court is now THIS Thursday. I’ve known we were going to court since New Years Day. This has meant many days/weeks of having to say, “February 7th”. Most of the time it felt so far away I would just say, “in a couple of months” or something like that. But yesterday a woman at church asked us when our court date was and I got to say, “This Thursday.” Wow.

This week, 4 days (probably 5 until we hear whether we were successful or not). It’s coming, it’s REALLY coming. For those of my forum friends with court dates this week (there are so many of us!) best of luck. I hope we are all celebrating this time next week!

P.S. For those non forum friends, you should be getting excited too. The second I hear of us getting through court you get to “meet” this little Tariku I’ve been talking about and I tell you one thing, you will fall in love the second you see his picture!

4 thoughts on “This Thursday

  1. I remember from when we adopted my sister that waiting for our courtdate was extremely nerve-wracking. Of course, as soon as we got through, the REAL excitement began!Here’s to a speedy travel date!!!-Susanna

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