On Hair

Every once in awhile I get enough emails asking about my boys’ hair to warrant a blog post. I’m not actually sure if I’ve ever written one because it feels slightly silly and weird. Of course their hair is different than mine, but it doesn’t mean it’s some weird mystery. Trial and error, it’s life, man.

But what we do. We love Carol’s Daughter. LOVE it. We use the shampoo and then some of the products. Our favorites are Hair Milk and Hair Smoothie. Mmmmm they smell good and look tres bien in their hair. It would be safe to say I feel like snuggling in and sleeping on their sweet hair. You want to see? Ok here you go.

Tomas has thinner hair. His curls are semi-tight but don’t tangle easily. He’s got quite the widow’s peak already, but I think it gives him an air of wisdom, no?

 Tariku has THICK, super thick hair. His curls are like corkscrew TIGHT. His hair tangles constantly. Truth be told, his hair could stand to be picked out multiple times a day. After laying on his head for 5 minutes, his little ‘fro lays flat to his head. But suriously, have you seen a more beautiful head of hair?

 Binyam has super loose curls (as his hair grows back Dailah constantly says, “Oh mommy I’m so happy Bini’s curlies are back!”) His hair is medium thickness and kind of fine. Bini has some scalp issues that I can’t quite figure out. It kind of looks like cradle cap, a little dry, flaky, etc.

For the last few months, this is how I clean Bini. I admit it’s kind of fun to pamper him though I will also admit I look forward to the day when I can just stick him in the tub and let him soak.

So we wash their hair twice/week. Those times we put the milk or the smoothie in. Otherwise, every morning I spray Tomas and Tariku’s hair (they have similar kinds of hair, Bini’s is not at all like theirs) with water and comb it out with a wide toothed comb. If it’s looking particularly dry then I spray Carol’s leave-in conditioner in it. Otherwise, that’s it.

Bini’s hair is honestly more like Caucasian hair than African-American. His requires nothing on a daily basis but I still do the twice/week shower with the milk/smoothie application.

I think their little afros are amazeballs, and I’m proud to say they believe the same thing. Tomas, almost on a daily basis, says something like, “My hair is beautiful mommy, I have the most beautiful hair in my whole school.”

Tariku, well Tariku wants to be Jimmy Hendrix for Halloween next year.

So we must be doing something right. As far as the ones with the wholly uninteresting hair:

Trysten got a hair cut. My poor oldest has my hair. Super thick, super coarse, cowlicks galore. Trysten, well he could never pull the Justin Beiber off. When we try to style his hair the sheer weight of it undoes our style in a matter of minutes. If you are ever around Trysten, feel his hair, it will blow your mind. But I love his new hair cut. I think it’s precious and it makes him look older.

And Dailah. Well Dailah was born with A LOT of super dark, super thick hair. She doesn’t have the coarseness Trysten has but we could certainly lose a Barbie or two in her long locks. I love having a daughter with long hair. Usually she’s good about letting me do whatever I want with it but for the last few months she’s only wanted to rock the headband. And who am I to say no? This past year I’ve started to have to add conditioner to her shower routine. Baby girl is growing up for sure.

Did you want to know what I do with my hair? Of course you do. I’m only telling you because I’ve been using this product for about 2 months and it is by far the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience. Wen. Have you heard of it? Natural product, it doesn’t lather like normal soap, stripping your hair of all it’s glory. Read about it, and order it. But order it from Amazon or QVC or something. It’s cheaper and they won’t automatically charge you every 30 days and send you more. I rock the Sweet Almond Mint. It’s expensive, I know this. But literally, I now only have to wash my hair 2 times/week where I used to have to wash it every day or I looked like a grease ball. So in the end it’s actually a bit of a wash.

Do you feel better now that you know about the Klipsch hair? Good. Carry on then.

9 thoughts on “On Hair

  1. Our daughter got the cradle cap/flakey scalp from the Carol's Daughter's products. Weird. It got so bad we finally switched to Alaffia products and after a few weeks it went away completely. Just thought that might help. Maybe there are some kids with reactions to an ingredient?

  2. Tesi. I need to pick your brain about the shampoo thing… I've been trying to get my hair OFF the shampoo and conditioner but since I went back to work more, it's hard to get pass that "grease" stage!!! We need to chat… I need to switch! lol (I know… ur local hippie guru is failing in the shampoo department!) :)And Zane has the same stuff Bini does… we can chat about that too! lol See ya today with Africas!

  3. Me.Us.She-actually Bini had that scalp issue when he came home from Ethiopia. We aren't using Carol's shampoo on his hair, our doctor told us to try Head and SHoulders so we're actually trying that right now. Wish I could blame it on something, but it looks like it might be a lifelong thing. :(Dana-we shall discuss! :)Cassie-I'm seriously going to try that!

  4. We got home in May. I don't think Tay and Bini were in the same room, but obviously the same care centers. Tay has been diagnosed with White Piedra (after being treated for scalp ringworm which he never had.) We have prescription shampoo (but the doctor said it is basically super strong Head and Shoulders). I am not sure if the White Piedra is an Ethiopian souvenir or not. No one else in our travel group seems to have it and web sources don't seem to indicate that it is an eastern Africa problem. Still it might be worth looking into. Our doctor had never even heard of it, but that is what the culture revealed.Good luck.

  5. Tesi, I need to know more about the shampoo you use … sounds risky, but fascinating. I can never go past one day without washing my hair, but I'm willing to invest in something if I could.I think Joseph's hair is very similar to Bini's. Kerry – I may have to contact you about this White Piedra thing?? Joseph has white flakes all over the place. At first I was thinking dandruff, and have treated as such, but it only seems to be getting worse. It's super itchy for him, poor guy. I'm perplexed.

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