Love This

Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I wonder if the best thing that could happen to this country is for Christ to be taken out of Christmas—for Advent to be made distinct from all the consumerism of the holidays and for the name of Christ to be invoked in the context of shocking forgiveness, radical hospitality, and logic-defying love.  The Incarnation survived the Roman Empire, not because it was common but because it was strange,  not because it was forced on people but because it captivated people. 

Let’s celebrate the holidays, of course, but let’s live the incarnation. Let’s advocate for the poor, the forgotten, the lonely, and the lost.  Let’s wage war against hunger and oppression and modern-day slavery.  Let’s be the kind of people who get worked up on behalf of others rather than ourselves.”
From here
Speaking to me more than ever this year.

2 thoughts on “Love This

  1. Prayers for you as you strive, with God's grace, to fulfill this holy vocation. Just read yesterday how St. John of San Francisco often went to church barefoot because he had given his shoes to the poor. Knocks me out.And of course, pray for me.Love to you.

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