feeling a bit like I’m drowning here.

Thankfully not in adoption related stuff, or even mommy related stuff.

But in adult stuff. Like money.

November is the Wine to Water party-which stretches us pretty thin.

And, it’s Christmas, so even though we get our kids a total of 3 presents (totaling around $40/child) our budgets are tight.

And then this week my car’s “check engine” light came on. After taking it in to get looked at, they are recommending around $2000 worth of fixes.

Tonight, well tonight while I was teaching classes the back window of that same car got busted out.

Truly, most of the time I can see how rich we are in life. With all the love and the joy.

But tonight? Tonight I’m hoping we win the lottery (though we haven’t actually bought a ticket, is that a problem?).

Yes, the lottery. Or maybe we hid a few thousand in a sock somewhere?

Tomorrow will be a new day. The sun will rise and set and we’ll be covered by Grace. I’ll be happy about the love and the joy.

But tonight. It’s wine, chocolate and lottery dreams.

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  1. I'm sorry.We always joke about the mail – whoever comes in with it gets asked 'Is that $50,000 check in there yet?' Ok, so a few weeks ago, we got a letter from our school district saying that because our kids do not use the public school, we get a refund of the amount budgeted for each kid for bus transportation. Now, it's not $50,000, but it is free money. Moral of story, sometimes free money does come to the mailbox!

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