-Zach is home after a week away. Whew. The kids actually did really well. I managed to stay relatively sane. But the fact is I missed him. He’s an amazing dad but I missed him more in the husband capacity. He’s just my best friend. A week of only texting my best friend makes me feel so very isolated. How did I get so lucky?

-While he was gone I let the kids take turns sleeping in my room with me (I did so under the guise of it being something special for them, but I loved it!) My favorite part about the whole thing? Waking up randomly and just watching them each sleep. They looked so peaceful, so beautiful. I had never done that with Tomas and Binyam. I couldn’t believe how much closer I felt to them afterwards. Why did I not think of this? Why did I not remember how I used to watch my bio babes sleep and pray over them, touch their faces, etc. Felt so good to do that to ALL of my babes.

-We re-launched all of the classes I teach this weekend. It was a big “Winter Wellness Weekend” at all of the YMCA’s in our association. Over 1000 people participated in group fitness classes this weekend alone. I think that is so awesome. So, so awesome. And I got to spend a lot of time with some of my dearest friends, and connect to some really cool people, and do one of the things I am really passionate about. My heart is full!

-(Almost) Every day the kids and I do “5 minutes of dance”. We just put on some music and move. Tariku has some pretty amazing moves. He’s the kind of kid who hears a song once and can sing the words. He’s always clapping on beat and moving his little shoulders in perfect synch with the intricacies of the music. So we’re dancing and giggling. I’m twirling with Tariku and when he twirls in he whispers in my ear, “Mom, are you sure Tomas is Ethiopian? I thought we were all good dancers?” Yeah, Tomas lacks some in the “smooth” category. But he certainly gets an A+ for heart.

-My niece’s court case goes back to court tonight/tomorrow. Leslie should hear the results tomorrow. Please, please pray for them, light a candle for them, think about them. I’m so ready for her to be theirs. And ours. I’m so ready to meet her!

-Veggie straws. Do you know about these? Can (and should) be found at Sam’s Club. I’m obsessed. They are delicious. Go get you some. You won’t regret it.

-I’ve always struggled with acne. ALWAYS. In high school I was on Accutane (which, coincidentally, those crazy TV lawyers are offering me lots of money should I sue because of all the side effects, etc) it was that bad. And now? Not a whole lot better. Anywho, Trysten tonight puts his little hand on my shoulder, “Listen, mom, I know I look like you and people say I act like you, but I REALLY hope I don’t get those.” Yeah me either. Totally blows.

My kids crack me up. I love food and being an aunt. I missed my husband. The end.

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  1. Awww. I can relate to a lot in this post 🙂 My kids take turns sleeping in my bed. I love it. Especially with the ones who sometimes slip through the cracks as far as one-on-one time goes. And, honestly…my husband's deployed and I LOVE their precious, warm little faces, elbows and feet in my bed. I love the questions they ask. The stories they tell. The way they act; when they know they have me all to themselves. I've totally got the adult acne thing going on, too. And even though my kids have made comments about "…dose 'tings on your face!" they have also totally filled my cup by telling me I'm pretty when I least expect it. Ha. I'll take what I can get. What a beautiful, smart, special momma your children have in you~

  2. We have a little dance party in our home everyday too (well, everyday that we can)…the kids love it. I have to admit, the name "veggie straws" isn't very appetizing, but I'll take your word for it and check them out the next time there.

  3. During our dance party last night Matthew's momentum carried him from the coffee table, onto the couch and flipped him over. He fell 3 feet off the couch and landed on his head. I almost puked. He seems ok. I, on the other hand, kept shining a flashlight in his eyes and he kept saying, Mom, you said we're not allowed to shine flashlights in people's eyes!I never noticed the thing that Trysten doesn't want… I can tell you that dropping the sugar helped a million for me. It cleared up my face in about a week. Now I occasionally have some sugar and it's still pretty fine.

  4. So sweet:) I love when the little ones crawl into bed. Will does not, but I do:)I love dance parties. Sometimes we put on glow sticks and turn the lights off and dance. I think you have a beautiful face:)I'm still waiting for Lola to say something like that about my thighs:(

  5. Acne. Gah. I don't think I had a pimple until I turned 28. Now I'm 43 and I cannot kick these little peckers. Wth? I would have preferred them in my teens thankyouverymuch. If you find the answer to pimple free existence, please share.

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