We Made It!

We made it! 12:31am Addis time and we’re here. Flights were ok. Lots of turbulance and avoiding storms right over Addis. This meant I filled 2 puke bags with…well, puke. Not good times.
But we’re here at the hotel. The boys are sleeping at the care center mere feet away. How I wish I could pole vault the wall and give them sweet dream kisses. Tomorrow, just a few more hours.
I’m not sure how I can put into words what it feels like to come back to the country of some of your children’s birth but it is something that’s for sure. We are so happy to be back to a place that feels a little bit like home.
Thanks so much for all of your prayers and love. I get all of your comments emailed to me so we read each one of them.
Off to brush teeth and dream dreams of two little habeshas we get to hold in a few hours.
Love from Ethiopia,

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16 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. oh Tesi!! I am so glad you all made it just fine. Don't you just love the smells of Ethiopia?? That is what I remember the most walking out of the airport the second time around… those smells that brought me back to my first trip!!Can't wait to hear how your first meeting with the boys go!! melanie

  2. So glad you guys made it safely!We found out today we are in group 14, so we will be there in 4 weeks! I hope the time passes quickly! Hug my babies for me! I can't wait to be there! Our flight lands at the same time as yours 4 weeks from now!!

  3. So happy you made it safely! We were thinking about you as I showed Sullivan the boys' picture and explained that they are Tariku, Trysten and Dailah's new brothers. Enjoy your trip!!

  4. So glad you're THERE!!!Not much longer and those sweet boys will be in your arms (or, at least at arms length!) Praying all goes well with your first moments together. All our love…

  5. Loving you from afar. So sorry you had to get sick on a plane! I can't wait for you to meet those babes. We are excited to hear all about them. Blessings and prayers tonight, I shall light a candle. And also watch SYTYCD without you. Xoxo.

  6. We had a similar flight to Addis (although it was during the stopover in Sudan that XW filled his own bag- except he missed the bag) and the flight to Addis took about 45 minutes longer as they tried to dodge storms. Glad you arrived safely and joyous meetings tomorrow

  7. I'm so glad you made it there safely! I'm up late preparing for a garage sale…you know what that's like…and, I believe you are now less than 4 hours from meeting your little ones. I cannot even imagine what it will feel like for you to hold them in your arms for the first time. I am so excited for you and look forward to updates!

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