Baby Cash (and Frankie and Emily) came over to give “The big 3” their presents.

Baby Cash is sooo cute. Today I was looking through old pictures and found it remarkable how much my nephew (Cash) looks like one of my sons (Trysten). Amazing.

No matter, my camera was lovin’ it some Cash-y!

Dailah couldn’t get enough of her little cousin either, imagine that.

Uncle Zach played with the little guy. I think Zach sometimes misses having a little baby to “throw around”.

Zach even did the traditional Klipsch trick with his nephew.

Of course we had to go outside (Spring has sprung! And the thermometer was hovering at around 70 degrees!) Do you see those eyes? Do you see those dimples? Do you see those little teeth. Oy!

And then the big 3 with their new shirts from the Frank Klipsch family. They were perfect (and adorable).

Yesterday was one of those days when I was just looking around me and thought “This is my version of the most perfect day”. The big boys were playing with their new basketball hoop -also from Frank Klipschs- the littles were playing with their various bikes/lawn toys, I had my nephew on my lap and a beer in my hand. My favorite man in the world (that’d be Mr. Hotflawedmama) was across from me and 2 other people I love so very much (that’d be Frank and Emily) were there too.

It was just one of those times when I knew it was entirely possible to bring heaven to earth in a multitude of ways. So, so thankful for that.

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