World Water Day-March 22

So it’s here. World Water Day.

There are so many “Days” now, right? All worthy, all good in their own right, but really so many. What does one do for Presidents Day anyway?

But today, today is essential. Because the water crisis isn’t being solved as quickly as it needs to be. This is a crisis we can solve in our lifetime. Read that again, a crisis we can solve in our lifetime! That’s HUGE!

My friend, Jody, helped start The Adventure Project (TAP) a few months ago. I’ve told you about it before. Great group of women, great group doing great things.

Their newest project is about water. You can read more about it here. And if you go to Jody’s post here you’ll know why I’m blogging.

TAP has found a partner who will match donations today. So they are asking bloggers to designate a post today and ask beg their readers to donate $20, or $10, or $5, whatever. But we want need you to donate. If $10,000 is raised, it will be matched. You read that correctly, there is an opportunity to raise $20,000 in one day to bring clean water back to hundreds of people.

We simply can’t let this opportunity pass us by. So donate today. I am going to, you need to as well. Go to The Adventure Project’s website and donate. What an awesome, awesome opportunity for us to celebrate World Water Day.

Speaking of World Water Day…

of course we are thinking about it at Water for Christmas as well! The Colorado contingency of our group has been hard at work on something exciting. It’s going to launch on April 1st so great ready for that as well. But for good measure, I’m donating there today as well. Feel free to follow suit. 🙂

I would LOVE to see the blog world light up today. Like it did for Martin Luther King Jr day and the like. I’m showing my kids videos about water (the videos from charity: water are great for kids!), I’m letting them “consider” donating some of their saved money to the cause as well. This is a real opportunity to create little water advocates in the next generation.

So happy water day to you. Pass on the passion.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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