We’ve been busy

this spring break. In fact, we’ve cleaned a few rooms I needed cleaned/organized. I created “the fun room” for the kids by moving stuff around and by giving away some of the stuff we no longer need.

But perhaps most importantly, we prepared the garden for spring (I mean real spring, not the spring we are currently witnessing with snow and frigid temps-grr).

This will be the first year for the garden. Last year I had Zach set up old railroad ties for some raised beds but then I found out we’d be traveling to bring home the boys during summer and I just didn’t want to put anything more on my plate.

So we had to start from scratch.

My favorite, most amazing hubby keeps it classy even in the midst of physical labor.

I do too, obviously, just some good old fashioned basketball shorts and cowboy boots.

With the help of “Prancer” from camp, we were able to prepare both raised beds. Next week we’ll take some soil that’s been mixed with horse shit manure and fill in the rest of the beds. Very exciting stuff!

It did come at a price, though. A branch of some sort scratched my eye (can I also blame that for the wrinkles, freckles and wayward eyebrows?) Serious stuff, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Zach claims he got scratched on the finger…though I’m pretty sure he just used it as an excuse to flip me off…tough to say.

Don’t let us fool you, we’ve been having plenty of play time. We (with my mom) even took the kids bowling for the first time. Oh yeah, and Zach cut Trysten’s hair. A zig zag mohawk. My girl Chrissy dyed it blue too. Well, why not?

The concentration.

The cuteness.

I seriously love these people.

I never want spring break to end. Never. Ever. Love having all my babes home.

3 thoughts on “We’ve been busy

  1. We need to get some shit (errr… manure) to add to our garden as well. I'm actually thinking about planting the starts this weekend since our weather is gorgeous ( you should move here). Great pics of the kiddos & family! And thanks for the laugh and posting your cowboy boot/gym short combo! Love ya girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is now the third post I've read where you shared photos of Doozy's adorable new haircut, and I love it more each and every time!! It somehow looks looks darker now, too. Is it just the photo? Either way, she's adorable!! Your spring break looks like it was fun. Too bad it has to end. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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