Zach has been a vegetarian for a few weeks. He’s a really good vegetarian.

I’ve been trying it for a day (and a half). I’m a really horrible vegetarian.

I just keep dreaming about steak.

I dislike Boca burgers.

I feel hungry a lot.

I know a lot of you are vegetarians so throw your sister a bone. How do you do it? Will I always feel a little bit like I’m missing out on the very best of life?

What do you cook? I’m certain I’ll never last if I eat only rice, noodles and the same veggies over and over and over and over and over.

So recipes? Blogs? Tasty non-steak steak?


Off to *hopefully* not have the same weird steak-filled dreams I had last night. Seriously, cows talking? Asking me to eat them? Weird.

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  1. just think about that steak as a quadricep with tendons attached to the bones and when the quadricep contracts, the tendon creates force on the bone to move the joint. Then the cow takes a step up to the platform where he is jolted into unconsciousness. And then, well, that's a steak. Need I say more? Makes me a REALLY good vegetarian when I think of it that way. Hey what about PANCAKES???? HMMM???

  2. Some people are not cut out to be vegetarians. I am a pesca-vegetarian and so is my husband, but it is really easy for us. I think instead of being a vegetarian just try eating humane meat. This is a good place to find these sources: things we eat include portobellos with marinara and mozzerlla on top with a side of veggies. Tonight we had these with a couple adaptions

  3. If you are unhappy about you vegetarianism, you could try a Paleo diet. I have been on a slow-carb/ Paleo diet since mid-January and have lost 25lbs to date with little to no effort. And the best part is, I eat steak all. the. time.

  4. Yes… I'm gonna weigh in too… John and I have been "diet investigating" and we have come to our own personal conclusion that the most evil and vile things out there are not meat, it's processed foods. Also carbs (bad carbs)… hence the Paleo diet. There is mixed research on rather or not animal meat and animal fat is bad for you, newer research showing it is not. Even more so, showing that cholesterol and animal fat are not as harmful as we have been taught… However! Eating meat that is simply found in every grocery store or restaurant is not great… it is usually loaded with antibiotics and chemicals from factory farms… eating locally produced grass fed meat w/ minimal antibiotics is best. Don't be afraid to investigate local farms neither… my favorite part of "No Impact Man" was when he went to investigate a dairy farm to find out WHY they weren't "antibiotic free" and it was bc the farmer there LOVED his cows… he didn't treat then proactively (like cattle farms) but he treated them when they were ill and only until they were better, hence he could not be certified as organic, but he wasn't wrong neither :)Sorry to blow up your page 🙂 THere is so much information out there now that reading it can be confusing and who is right and who is wrong? John had his labs drawn after being Paleo for 2.5 months… his cholesterol wasnt bad, and he is going to keep at it until next year, so he will have labs again… I'm curious to see which way his labs go, then I will have my OWN research :)Sorry…. didn't mean to blow you up there 🙂 It's a daily convo in our house now tho 🙂 Even kids are getting into it! We educate them about all this so they understand why mommy and johnnie are changing their diets slowly as well 🙂

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