To Recap

We have internet again. This is a big deal. Last night I couldn’t get to sleep thinking about everything I wanted to do with my internet! What a wonder. I will also admit that it was kind of nice not having the distraction for a few weeks. Double edged sword this internet. To catch you up, with bullet points.

-We went to a Cubs game a few weekends ago. My generous parents take all of us kids/our significant others to a weekend in Chicago for our birthdays. My equally generous in-laws babysat the kids. It was such a fun time, even though I had a sinus infection and double ear infection. Hard to beat lots of adult time in Chicago.

-My sickness lasted over 3 weeks. It was one of the worst I’ve had. Not breathing, waking up with nastiness. Blech. Still lingers but I can actually smell things these days which is essentially a 100 percent improvement from just a week ago.

-The boys started their baseball season. I am increasingly proud of them. Trysten is actually coming into the game a bit more. He is like me in that we have to really want something to give it our all. For the last year Trysten was kind of “meh” about baseball. Lately he’s all in and it shows. He’s developing into a good little player. Tariku, well Tariku is some sort of prodigy. His swing belongs in the pros and he loves every single second. When he gets a little bigger there is no telling what he could be capable of. He is 6 years old on a team with mostly 8 year olds and you’d have no idea (except for his size) because he is that good. And Tomas, he’s getting better every time. Earlier in the season Tomas turned to me and said “Baseball makes no sense mommy”. Yeah, when you think about it, it really doesn’t…BUT he’s coming around and has been hitting the ball. Tomas has a smile plastered to his face the entire time, which makes me get choked up nonstop. I seriously love them. Love, love love them.

-I was thinking this week it was probably good that I didn’t have my blog when all of this political stuff was happening (Birth certificate questioning, Osama Bin Laden, etc). I try to stay away from too much political stuff on this here blog because the last many years politics has worked to pull people apart and I’m just not interested in any of that. But I will say the birth certificate was a joke (and a subtly or not so subtly racist joke at that-meaning I don’t remember anyone ever asking our white presidents for theirs…or any of the past Presidents. Whether it’s because they had names like “George” and “Bill” instead of “Obama”…well.) and Osama Bin Laden might have brought out the worst in some Americans (really? This is cause for draping ourselves in Mardi Gras beads and drinking beer at Ground Zero? Jeeesch). Moving on…

-Taxes. We were among the adoptive parents who have been asked for more information on our taxes in order to receive our adoption refund. That will be done today. But finding receipts from 3 years ago (Tariku’s adoption) was an interesting thing. It is a good thing I’m an organized person, let me tell you that.

-Kindergarten round up. Oy. Had it, cried. Dailah walked off to her potential class like she knew what she was doing. I watched my only girl become a young lady in a matter of minutes. It destroyed my heart. Almost 5 years ago I thought I’d lose her forever and now here she is, prancing her bedazzled butt into Kindergarten round up. Please, God, grant me strength.

-Sinta is home. My niece arrived on Friday and it was a true celebration. When I hugged Leslie I could feel her shoulders were looser. For the last 2 years there has been an immense amount of stress between those shoulder blades of hers. Feeling them as I hugged her made me bring out the ugly cry. And then seeing Sinta’s face. Oh my she is more beautiful than you can imagine. I took a lot of pictures on Friday. I don’t have time to post them on my blog but Leslie posted them on hers. Go check them out. I have no doubt Sinta’s face will be a regular on my blog now!

This blogger (one of my faves) is blogging about her time in Ethiopia a year ago. Last night she mentioned a “Thomas Brown”. That’s my Tomas (when he said his name in Ethiopia Tomas Birhanu sounded remarkably like Thomas Brown). Go read what she wrote about him. Does it not make you love him even more? If that’s possible.

-Trysten has a music program next Thursday. Apparently the music teacher asked his class if there was anyone who they nominate to dance. They nominated Trysten…and his robot skills. To say he’s happy would be grossly understating his current state of mind. He also gets a speaking part, which we are encouraging him to memorize. A star is born, people. 😉

I think that’s probably it for now. But now that I have internet don’t be surprised if you see a large number of blogs being pumped out of hotflawedmama.

7 thoughts on “To Recap

  1. even though I just ate dinner with you last night, I have to say "I MISSED YOUR BLOG!!" Can't you come to our house to write it? Just offering….. love love love you

  2. Ahhh, she blogs. Yeahh!I traveled with sfm on year ago today, and I think everyone in our travel group fell in love with your "Thomas Brown." How could we not?

  3. Welcome back 🙂 You neice is adorable!! And love all the stories about baseball. Good luck sending your sweet D off to kindergarten. I can't imagine.

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