More mothering goodness

Mothers day card from Trysten. “Happy mothers day mom! I hope you have the best mothers day ever. Love, Trysten”. He also went on to spell my name “Tesi”. T stands for “trust”, E stands for “effort”, S stands for “silly” and I stands for “integrity”. Last week Trysten kept asking me if he could use his money to buy books at the school’s book fair. I, obviously, kept putting it off and forgetting. Finally, Friday morning at 5am he taps me as I lay slumbering, “Mom I really need that money for school today.” “Trysten, go back to sleep, I’ll get it.”

When he got home from school he presented me with his handwritten card and the Harry Potter book pictured behind it. That’s why he wanted his money. He wanted to buy me the Harry Potter book from the book fair, with his own money. I love him.

From Tomas. “My Mother. My mother is pretty. My mother is beautiful. My mother is a dancer. I love my mother. Tomas”. Oh I love him too.

Tariku’s creation was a flower pot. On each stem was one thing he would do for me. Garbage, dust, etc. Love him.

Dailah and Binyam also made me cards at school. Turns out Dailah’s favorite thing I do for her is carry her. The favorite thing we play together is “to let her be the boss”. Ahem. And the best thing I’ve taught her is how to drive (?). Binyam’s favorite thing I do to him is take him to the doctor. Favorite thing we play together is cars. Apparently I’ve never taught him anything because he left that one blank. 🙂

After breakfast in bed the kids got busy playing. This is all the bigs do anymore. Play baseball.

Dailah and Bini, they are always playing in their cars of course.

After church we went over to my in-laws. Had to give our love to the matriarch of the Klipsch family. But also had to see my nephew Cash. Could you just swim in his eyes?

And then Sinta. She is so sweet y’all. Zach got his first shot at bonding with Sinta. To say they were equally smitten with each other…well, judge for yourself.

And then the girls. It’s plural now! Dailah couldn’t restrain herself any more and spent most of her day chasing Sinta and Cash around. Then Sinta made Dailah’s month by snuggling with her for quite awhile.

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