Happy Easter

Another post about Easter, but for now…pictures.

We went to Des Moines this weekend to celebrate my little brother’s birthday and, of course, Easter. So one of the first things we did upon entering the homeland was dye eggs. We don’t do it at our house, I’m a bad mommy. But my mom is a good grandma so we do it there. Since Zach, my brother and my dad were playing golf (I know, feel really bad for him) Marcus’s girlfriend, Lindsey helped.

The kiddos had lots of fun, which is no surprise.

Friday night Lindsey surprised my brother with a little party in his birthday honor. My parents got us a babysitter so we could come as well. It was lots of fun and since you guys know I have a super soft spot for my brother, it was lots of fun celebrating his life.

Saturday morning we woke up early to go easter egg hunting at my old high school (my mom’s place of employment). But before we did that, we did pictures.

Then commenced to the hunt. There are typically 1000 children in the race with 3-7 year olds and 100 eggs so of course I was proud when Trysten brought back 7 and Tariku brought back 5.

Doozie raked in too but, to be fair, she was the oldest and most athletic…kidding.

Afterwards we went to Wal Mart to get prints for my mom. Stopped quick to sit with the creepy Easter bunny.

Then finished off with a great barbecue lunch and a traditional cookie cake for my brother and Lindsey’s birthdays.

More later about our Family Day celebration but for now it’s time to eat because I just haven’t done enough of it lately.

One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. Hi! It’s an old friend from the CHSFS forum. I still stop by your blog every now and then…love it…and just had to leave a LOL comment about the “creepy Easter bunny”. What is it with those guys? Seriously…they are so creepy!!! That’s supposed to be fun for kids??!

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