This weekend

Had a lot of fun with some very good friends. We planned this trip to my parents’ lakehouse months ago. It was perfect timing because Zach could come (camp season starts soon) as could everyone else. Bad timing because it was freezing and we couldn’t get in the water. C’est la vie! Nothing stops this crowd from having fun though.

We walked in Friday night and got to cooking. These people can cook! I’m fairly certain I’m the one who loves cooking the least but eating the most. Because of that, they let me be the “guacamole tester”. I love gauc. Actually I’m obsessed with it. Bruce makes amazing guac, so does Chrissy. Chrissy suggested a guac-off and I agreed-so long as I could be the judge. In the end I couldn’t judge, mostly because I was in a guacacoma.

The kids were arguably more excited about the weekend than the adults.

The boys room.

The girls room (Dailah was soooooo excited to have more girls! She calls the Berger sisters her sisters and they let her. They are so unbelieveably precious together.)

In the morning we ate some eggs and other goodies. We had weird seating arrangements. Like the tallest man (6’7″) next to the shortest young man (3’3″).

It was a little chilly so Bruce grabbed his daughter’s shawl and threw it on him. Loved it.

That night we made some homemade pizzas and various grilled veggies. Holy smokes. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. One of my favorite concoctions ever would be the squash/potato/onion combo. This time we added zuccini (per my sister’s recommendation) and it was well received.

The Bergers and I own Ninjas. If you don’t have this blender/food processor/drink maker/best thing ever you need to get one. This is the newest version, the Bergers got it to surprise us for the weekend. We made many things in it, pizza dough was the first. Notice the sense of wonder in the men’s eyes.

After the dough was Ninja-ed we had to roll out it out. Ann (married to Bruce) took on the task. She’s small. So she needed a stool.

Margaritas were also made. And consumed. And daaaaang they were delicious.

There was also some leg wrestling going on. I lost. But after further review of the pictures it turns out Chrissy cheated. There will be a rematch.

Our men are amazing. They cooked, they cleaned and they did dishes. This is what it looks like when a 6’7″ man does dishes. He has to squat the entire time so as not to throw out his back. Who knew?

And we took really cold boat rides.

These people. Oh my. They are some of the greatest friends I have ever known. I can hardly believe how blessed I am to have them in my life. God is good, so, so good.

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