Day in the life

Every year the blogs go crazy with insight into the daily lives of their writers/families. Can I tell you it’s one of my favorite times? I love being a voyeur into some of my favorite blogger’s lives. So here’s mine. I was actually only supposed to take a picture every hour but I like pictures so some hours I took lots, some I didn’t take any. I’m a rule breaker, what can I say?

No idea why this is now centering but onward we go. Alarm goes off at 6:20am. I’m actually up at 6:10 thinking about all I have to do today. Go downstairs to get the big 3 ready for school. Pack lunches, halfass-ly look for the camera and don’t find it so you’ll have to take my word for it. 3 lunches packed, 3 beautiful boys loaded into the car. Drop them off at bus come back to the house. Notice the camera was left in the car. Pull some weeds in our garden.
Back into the house we go where I prepare myself. 
Wake up littles, lay out their clothes and go downstairs to get breakfast started. They are taking awhile so I throw in some laundry.
Littles are still taking forever so I start packing some bags for this weekend at the lakehouse.
While preparing some homemade quiche Cheerios and OJ I read a few pages of this book that I can’t put down. Highly recommended.
Full bellies, cancer fighting Vitamin C consumed, littles go off to play and I do too. Though, my “play” is different. It consists of reading blogs/facebook and catching up on some DVR (Biggest Loser).
Feed these beautiful dogs.
Notice these two are looking particularly beautiful.
Zach rises and shines and we have coffee together (one of my favorite parts of every day). Ignore his facial expression, this is one of his favorite parts too.
Load up the car with the littles and various bags. Punch in my favorite new CD.
20 minutes later and we’re at preschool. Drop off kids and I’m free my day actually begins.
Meet my mom at a grocery store to buy goodies for this weekend at the lakehouse.
Stop by a clothing store to see if I can find some clothes that fit me for summer. Managed to find a few things that will a) not show my booty and/or girl parts, b) cover any and all remaining signs of past pregnancies. All important.
Arrive at the North YMCA to teach my Bodyflow class. 
Meet my mom, brother, sister-in-law and niece at a Mexican restaurant. Convince myself a mango-rita is necessary. As is a cheese enchilada. 
Papa Frank drops off the littles. He had picked them up from preschool and taken them to McDonalds. They are thrilled and hyped up. We decide that’d be the perfect scenario to take them to the mall.
Leave the mall (and my kids with my mom) to pick up the bigs from school. They greet me with enthusiasm that I didn’t know I needed until it came.
After picking up Trysten’s hat (pictured above) from a restaurant he left it at on Tuesday, we meet my family back at the mall and hang for a bit.
Go to my sister Kara’s for a little rest time.
Head to drop Tomas and Tariku off at their baseball game (where Papa Frank will be taking good care of them). After drop off the littles, Trysten and myself take off for school where Trysten will be amazing the community with his talents. 
Get to the school. They are selling pizza and pop. We buy lots of that. These two think it’s the best.
Take our seats. To combat my nerves on behalf of Trysten I take pictures of some of the people I love.
And then it started. Not soon after it was time for Trysten. Being his mom I saw all of his little nervous ticks. Being his mom I beamed the second he started speaking into his mic.
And giggled nervously, chewed my nails and wiped the tears as he wowed us with his robot skills.
Concert done. Time to thank our tribe. We have the very best tribe.
But then I got selfish and wanted a picture of my very favorite robot dancing 8-year-old with his ridiculously proud mama.
Dailah wanted a picture with proud mama too and Bini does as Dailah does so in they both came.
I claimed the concert such a success it was worthy of an ice cream outing. Papa Frank brings Tomas and Tariku to meet us (after an astounding baseball victory).
With all of my kiddos under my wing again we arrive home. Daddy wants to watch the tape of Trysten’s performance, so do Tomas and Tariku. Round of applause ensues. Quick clothes changes, bathroom trips and teeth brushed. Bedtime. Rushed bedtimes, my least favorite.
Watch a little Survivor with my favorite man.
Lay down in bed

9 thoughts on “Day in the life

  1. So I mentioned on the ETMamas group that I read your blog but hadn't ever commented. Well now I have to comment because my day in pix also included watching the Biggest Loser (how random is that?).

  2. Yes I agree with Cathy. My day is never quite this interesting. I am amazed at what you get done before 8:00 when I am typically climbing out of bed. Hmm. That might explain why it is always a tad bit chaotic around here. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to Trysten! Love to you.

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