summer snapshots

Summers at hotflawedmama are always just a wee bit crazy. With Zach working long hours (yay summer camp is here!) and all of the kids home, by the time my usual blogging hour hits (right abouts 8pm) I’m 1 glass of wine in and in no mood to sit and write. All this could explain the picture posts that have been common here lately. But for you, I will now bullet point the goings on of us.

-Baseball season is about wrapped up. The boys had a really great year, losing just once. This means they are in the playoffs which happen next week sometime. I have absolutely loved watching all of them become better players and more avid baseball fans. Watching ones kids be so excited about something is thrilling enough but watching them be so excited about something you and your husband loved so much at that age (sports in general) is pretty thrilling as well.

-The kids have transitioned really well to summer. Other adoptive parents can attest, it’s typically a time we hold our breaths and hope for the best. Our kiddos who come from hurt and/or trauma can have major difficulties with less structure and transitions in general. There are a few reasons why I think it’s been successful thus far:
1) We signed Tomas up for a tutor to help him continue to catch up with incoming 2nd graders. Having this little bit of school has seemed to really help ease him into a more carefree summer. Plus, the kid loves to learn and he loves to play baseball, so I’m covering all of my bases with that one.
2) Our days are still pretty structured. I am still teaching my classes, so they know which days we go to the Y and which days we don’t. They have really good friends at the Y so they look forward to those days too.
3) Sleep. Oh boy is sleep a big one! They had been a little deprived towards the end of the school year because of baseball and it getting nicer outside, etc. Now that we’re all caught up I’ve noticed a huge difference in almost every single aspect of their personalities.
This doesn’t mean it will be like this the whole summer, but we’re off to a good start so far.

-A few weeks ago we took Binyam to our local AEA (area education agency) to be evaluated. We noticed early on that he was a little behind in development but we were going to see what happened after preschool, etc. The boy has made HUGE strides but we could tell there were areas he still needed help. The AEA agreed with us and next month we go for more testing to see what exactly he’ll qualify for. When I talked to the woman who tested him she was very hopeful for his development. She said it was pretty clear he didn’t talk much before we got him (he never really talked in Ethiopia at all, which Zach and I noticed) and because of that his jaw has atrophied. This also explains why it takes him forever considerably longer than his siblings to eat his food. His hearing and speech checked out great so she just thought it was a matter of developing strength in his jaw and rewiring some of the wires that probably shorted out in his first few years of life. I’m so happy we were proactive about this, I know they’ll better equip us to help him at home too and for that I’m so thankful. That said, I cried on the way home from the appointment because I just want life to be easy for him. I know that doesn’t teach my kids character much, but it’s still something we want isn’t it? But the kid is a capital Hard-Ass so I know it won’t get him down. And I love him so much my jaw clenches tight enough for the both of us when we hug.

-Humor. My kids are starting to develop theirs. The last few months Zach and I have been educating them on all things joke telling. Not an hour goes by that one doesn’t come up and ask, “Mom, is this funny?” And then tell a joke or, in the case of my boys, fart on cue. Since I hold no illusions that my kids are perfect (though they are ridiculously close :)) I am honest with them. I find their humor is funniest when they are just being themselves, which I remind them of often. Dailah, if I’m being honest, seems to come by it more naturally than the others. I think it’s a Klipsch thing, she reminds me so much of her dad. But the girl is funny, which makes me so happy because she’s also beautiful and the beautiful funny women I know all got on in life ok because they knew their beauty didn’t mean anything in comparison to being able to make people they love laugh.

-I still love run on sentences in summer, apparently.

-In less than 2 weeks I’m heading to her house for some quality girl blogger time. I could cry with excitement. I’m also a little nervous. She said it best with regards to meeting blog friends (and she will actually be there in 2 weeks, as will be the amazing woman pictured with her). My excitement still far exceeds any brief, high school inspired, paranoia.

-Today we are celebrating father’s day a day early. Zach has to work tomorrow so we thought we’d bump it up a day. More on him and how much my world stops when he enters the room later.

-Harry Potter 7 Part 2 comes out in less than 30 days. Need I say more?

-And arguably the most exciting news ever to grace hotflawedmamaland (only partially joking here) WE GET CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!! You read that right, after 4 years without it, the generous YMCA has agreed to put air in our house. Next week. I could cry. I am excited about this because I am home with some very sweaty kids in our house all day. Zach is excited about it because he will continue to have marital relations with his wife have a very happy wife upon his return home.

-Tariku is officially wearing deodorant. I don’t even want to talk about it. But it was time. Doctor said his sweat glands matured fast, which apparently happens. All I know is that it’s surreal watching my 6-year-old son apply his dad’s deodorant to his underarms. Someone hug me.

-I freaking love summer. The weather, the swimming, summer camp, watching my husband in his element, getting my kids around me all of the time, seeing some of my friends more (yay teachers!), love it all.

2 thoughts on “summer snapshots

  1. (((hugs))) on the deodorant! We started that at about 6 as well. I am totally jealous about your trip to meet such fabulous ladies! I hope you all have an amazing time. Sounds like summer is amazing. Hope to catch up with you very soon!!

  2. Can't wait for Cathy's. Sleep is key. We almost always get enough, which makes me freak out to consider how it would be if we didn't…A/C is key. KEY. Humor is also KEY. I was never so flattered as I was when some guy said to me 'You are hysterical. You could do stand up.' Go Doozie!Deodorant. Key. At any age.Harry Potter. Or as Q says, HP. Key to the max.

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