some things you would see if you came to visit

I looked out my bedroom window and saw the above picture. Upon further review I found this certain habesha in the tree. That boy loves him some tree climbing.

The bigs found this…a baby bat. Tomas just picked him up and put him in their little bug collector. So far no signs of rabies, fingers crossed.

Prepare yourselves.

On Sunday nights the camp has what’s called a “Zany campfire”. The counselors and directors dress up funny and tell funny stories, etc. This Sunday Zach had Trysten dress up as his mini me and Trysten matched all of Zach’s movements. Priceless.

This week the littles are at day camp. Not sure they come any cuter than these two.

8 thoughts on “some things you would see if you came to visit

  1. OMG, there was just a story on our local news this afternoon about bats and rabies. Apparently, there's an outbreak this year of rabies among the bat population. They specifically said do NOT let your children touch them. Yikes!

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