-Today the kids were having one of those days when they asked 42 questions every 20 seconds. If there’s one thing I want my kids to learn from me it’s that it’s good to question, to wonder. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat if you ask me. That said today’s questions ranged from

“Mom, what does a soul/spirit look like?”


“Mom, how does air get into your eyeball?”

5 kids, in a car ride for 25 minutes.

Good times.

-On Wednesday the kiddos and I pack up and head to Des Moines. Thursday my parents are taking us to Adventureland-this is vey exciting. More exciting? On Friday I board a plane (all by myself, I’m a big girl, you know) headed to Cathy’s house. So far I’ve been told I might be talked into running and staying up until 2am. These two things have not happened for well over a decade for this lady. This shall be interesting. But I’m really excited. Really, really excited.

-We got Binyam some new “cool dude shoes”. These corrective black shoes kind of hurt his feet but they are necessary to continue his correction of his club feet. All of this is good but you know what’s better? His prosthetics doc is super good looking. Salt and pepper hair, big ole eyes, mmm. And he thinks my kids are charming. It’s too bad he only needs these shoes every year or so.

-Got a hair cut the other day. Faulty communication had me with a new stylist at the same salon. My regular woman was giving me some killer looks the whole time but my new guy? Uh-mazing. His theatrics belong in Vegas. We talked of men, big heads (mine) small heads (his) and whether we were team Gaga (me) or team Brittney (him). I. love. him. Unfortunately I will now only be able to get my hair cut by him when my regular girl is gone OR talk him into making house calls.

I know you only come here for the pictures so here you go. Our Aristotle, you know you love him.

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  1. Yikes! That whole hairdresser thing – awkward!!! Hopefully she won't try and get back at you the next time she does your hair. tee hee!Have a great trip with the kids, and an even better 'big girl' trip!!

  2. Would have loved to seen a picture of your hair! Have a beautiful, wonderful, relaxing time in CO. Looking forward to hearing about the trip.PS We do come for more than the pictures you know.

  3. Oh, how I can relate! I have avoided committing myself to another stylist for years. Fortunately, my sister is a fantastic stylist so when I get to see her she gives me a deal and I get great hair (we live 5 hours away from one another). But I would say that at my salon here in town I feel like I am in a committed relationship, fortunately she rocks. Its is o.k. to stray….it sounds like you needed it for your hair and your soul!

  4. Oh my… I tell my kids everyday that I need a "clicker" to count how many questions they ask me, but they don't sell them to count that high! It's supposed to be a sign of great intelligence right!?!

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