They are home

right now all of my babies are slumbering peacefully under our roof and I just couldn’t be happier about that.

I’ve had the flu for a few days…not the way I wanted to spend “The week of Tesi” but it was what it was. The boys are home and the sounds of their voices has put a salve on my rather irritable belly.

The littles and I headed up to the lodge early so that I could get front row. I needed to see the bigs, badly. That meant we were there early, so we entertained ourselves by taking pictures.

Then Doozie turned the camera on her ‘rents.

Then they were the first ones to come in. They were beaming..or maybe it was just the reflection off my beam. (Trysten is holding up his patch, Tomas is hiding behind him).

Bad picture of Tariku but you get the idea.

Their cabin got up and did a little song and dance. I know I’m partial but I’m pretty certain mine were the cutest. (PS the other white kid on the far left with the green shirt is not mine. He looks like he could be, but I assure you my kids end with Tariku).

Here with their counselors, Keys and Nacho. Trysten has had Nacho for the last 3 years. Nacho is amazing. I cannot say enough good things about him.

I had to get a picture of them 1) being cute and 2) being nasty. Seriously, can you smell them from your computer screen? Because you probably could if you really tried.

And look at me. I’d been dealing with flu symptoms for the last few days. Can you even tell here? Man, I love them.

I cannot stress enough how great a good camp can be for kids.

Trysten got a chance to just be a kid. Before I dropped him off I told him “I don’t want you to be responsible for your brothers. I don’t want you to be the oldest kid, I just want you to be a kid. I want you to have fun and meet new friends.” Trysten reported that he wore socks only one day. He only wore 2 of his 6 pairs of shorts I sent with him. He didn’t brush his teeth at all and he showered every day…by swimming in the pool. That, my friends, is all boy. Trysten also reported that when he got to the cabin he did not act responsible for his brothers at all.

Trysten got the patch for exhibiting the core value of “Caring”. His note from his counselor said, “Trysten was a joy to have in the cabin, although at times, he was a bit competitive with his peers. He was always curious and ready to try a new activity.” Which, for anyone who knows Trysten, knows this explains him to a T.

Tomas got to be in an environment with a bunch of other kids and a few caretakers. A situation that undoubtedly reminded him of the care center he was in for a year and a half. The difference this time being that he had a family who loved him waiting for him on the other side. The difference this time was that he knew the caretakers were temporary. Tomas appeared to have worn everything we gave him….through mud and water and possibly horse manure. His bag smelled the worst. Tomas didn’t comb his hair the entire week and after his shower tonight he was wincing while combing. Tariku looks at him, shrugs his shoulders, “Sorry dude.” Brothers.

Tomas got the “respect” patch. His note from his counselors said, “Tomas was awesome to have in the cabin.” Anyone who knows Tomas knows that sometimes it’s as simple as that. He’s a freaking joy to have around.

Tariku I was most nervous about. He’s young for overnight camp. As I’ve mentioned many times here, when his schedule gets off he gets all kinds of scared and exhibits it in any number of ways. When he’s tired he cries. A lot. Over nothing. But he did really well. I watched as he clearly took care of some of the kids in his cabin (picking up their backpacks, filling up their water bottles). I also watched as he got to spend time in water sports where surely his natural prowess for all athletics made him feel good. When I saw him tonight he looked at least 2 years older. When I tucked him into bed he started crying that he just wanted to go to camp for another week and be with his friends….he was asleep 1 minute later.

Tariku also got the “respect” patch. His note read, “Tariku was enjoyable to have, although he had a tendency to play rough with his cabin mates. He was always positive and we hope to see him soon!” Yup, they have him pegged too. There was also lots of talk about he and Tomas struggling if they didn’t win…which is so true. Tariku reeeeeeeally hates to lose. My babe.

So proud of the boys. So proud of the young men they are becoming. So happy they are home and that they are mine.

3 thoughts on “They are home

  1. Oh my, how fantastic this is. I loved hearing about each of your guys. I know my boys would love camp too….each would have their own journey and challenges, but I agree, it is sooooo good for them! And for us. happy you have your house filled up again!

  2. We are LOVING day camps around here. I am so impressed with our kids' abilities to work through any insecurities, to trust their camp leaders, to jump into new activities. They do not want to leave at the end of the day and today, Saturday, they were all a little glum to realize there is no camp today. Cause I'm chopped liver:) That makes me feel like a good mom, it does. I'm not being sarcastic. I am proud of them for being independent. There are experiences they are having without parents that we simply cannot duplicate.

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