to keep my mind

off of the fact that my eldest is in St. Louis with my father-in-law for a grandpa/grandson bonding trip and off the fact that I miss him, I’m going to post pictures of some irresistible cuteness. Consider yourself warned.

Sunday we celebrated My father-in-law’s birthday and his and my mom-in-law’s anniversary. First by some snuggling…of adults.

and then some of adults/kids. Or just me and Doozie.

Tomas fed baby Cash his sucker.

and Dailah was just Dailah.

birthday man dolled out suckers.

Jake vacuumed the carpet for no apparent reason.


Serious again

Zach dressed up Julio. Hilarious.

Cool dude

Terre sewed them matching dresses. Adorable.

OK I almost forgot about Trysten for a few minutes. But now I’m remembering again and am sad. 🙂 Maybe another blog post will help?

5 thoughts on “to keep my mind

  1. Awww…. And Jake? My kind of man. I find myself vacuuming for no random reason when I just need to zone into a repeated motion. And seek some sensory input from a heavy machine.Geez. That not only sounds really the opposite of what I am trying to describe, but it also seems a bit crazy to analyze the need to vacuum. I should delete. But I won't. Because really? Parts of this comment make me chuckle. Like a 16-year-old boy.

  2. I enjoyed visiting with Trysten. I took a few pics but haven't uploaded them yet. He's a nice boy. Although I think you need to start showing him my picture because he doesn't know my name.

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